By combining our specialist services, we create packages to suit your individual needs.

This means that we'll help diagnose your requirements, and prescribe a solution that suits your budget.

No project is too big or too small for our specialised team. With our own in-house designers, developers, and marketing experts, we are the ideal partners to deliver to your requirements. Whether you're after urgent turnaround, brand positioning or just wish to attract more custom, Webmotion is best placed to assist.

Bespoke Design & Planning

First impressions are everything. At Webmotion it is our mission to captivate the user within the first few seconds. We do this by taking time to understand your business, audience and the market environment. This gives us the ability to create a bespoke design for you that reinforces and elevates your brand values.

We treat your homepage as the window display to your company and organisation. It acts as a 24 hour agent, working on your behalf to attract attention and provide information, even while you sleep. Users will be engaged with the refined, contemporary design, that reflects your company in the best light.

Website Build

Webmotion don't believe in beauty without the brains. We're not reliant on appearance only, where our creativity captures attention, it's our intelligent functionality that holds onto it. All of our sites are fast and easy to navigate around. To achieve this we build solid foundations, taking your personal requirements on board and create the ideal framework which caters for your technical needs. This is how we build a beautiful site that works for you, and most importantly your users.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Temporary, throw away solutions are not an option for our team. We put a lot of passion and care into building sites to last. Depending on your preferences and capabilities, we offer a variety of maintenance solutions; We can either update your site on your behalf or if budget permits, can build you a CMS to give you more control. We pride ourselves on creating practical CMS's that help our clients on a day to day basis.

Our content management systems come in all shapes and sizes, which we can discuss with you at the start of the project. Do note though, whilst CMS's are really useful for making simple text amendments, site refreshments and additional functionality will most likely need our skilled designers and developers to keep an eye on it.

Managed Domain Names

We understand domain name management so you don't have to. It's more than simply buying a name, it involves keeping tabs on its renewal and making the necessary adjustments when changes are made. If you want something to work differently, you simply need to tell us what you're trying to achieve and we'll make it happen.

Managed Web Hosting

Our secure hosting system ensures we provide you with the best quality service and minimal downtime. This means your website will be working hard for you 24/7. By continually updating our server software and staying ahead of the game, we protect your organisation's website from abuse and minimise disruption to the service you offer. Slow loading pages are a thing of the past with our UK based controlled shared hosting. This means, if you're based in the UK, you will also benefit from being favoured by search engines.

Digital Marketing

Webmotion can help attract target consumers to your site, while you sit back and watch the business pour in. Company and organisational websites really flourish with the right support. Through digital marketing means, including; Search Engine Optimisation, Social Networking and Online PR, we can help draw the right people to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing (SEO/SEM)

If you've got it, flaunt it. Your company may be online but you can't expect new customers to discover it without clever positioning. With our creative Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) monthly packages, Webmotion will help to ensure your business starts to appear higher up in search engine rankings, leading to more visits to your site, and in turn, generating more sales and enquiries.

Social Networking

If you can't beat them, join them. Social networking is ever increasing in popularity, but don't make the mistake of thinking people only use them to communicate with friends. These networking environments allow businesses the opportunity to engage in two way communication with their target consumers online. We can interconnect all your social sites and in doing so maximise their value as a connected online brand.

Our team at Webmotion will take that hassle away and register your business on the relevant sites. We will customise each network in order to visually tie into your primary website. As social networking is driven by new content and interactions, we will help you establish and document a brand persona that allows you to adopt a consistent voice and tone when updating in house.

Online PR

All publicity is good publicity... if it's controlled. The digital age has seen a shift in media consumption and consumer behaviour. While traditional newspapers are on the decline, online news search engines are flourishing. People are now fast to research companies and products online, read reviews and share opinions before making their buying or purchasing decisions. In response, it's important to take control and generate publicity that will enhance and maintain your reputation.

Webmotion can help develop a bespoke communications plan for your business, and select a range of tactics that will best reach your target audience. For example, this might include blogs, virals, and promotions. By taking these actions we will not only drive greater awareness of your brand, but help improve your website ranking on key search engines.

Services to Agencies

We're lovers, not fighters. We offer a number of different services to other businesses in the design industry. We have confidence in what we do and we'd much rather partner other agencies and create something brilliant, than work against one another. We acknowledge that designers enjoy the design aspects far more than the technical bit. So we can take away that fear and leave you to what you're good at by helping you plan, and do your designs justice with great functionality and build.

As well as giving you a swift turnaround to keep your clients happy, we can give you competative rates to allow you to make a reasonable margin. Depending on the size of the project, we can discuss discounts to benefit you. Please give us a bell, and we'll discuss ways in which we can work together. Who knows, it may be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Offline Marketing

Webmotion is the digital arm of the creative marketing agency Dulay Seymour, the creators of award winning, refined and effective marketing solutions. The team at Dulay Seymour work closely with Webmotion on a daily basis. This provides you with instant access to marketing experts that can help you with branding and any other offline marketing to support your website.

Dulay Seymour specialise in;

  • Design
  • Branding
  • Logos
  • Stationery
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports
  • Packaging & POS
  • Billboards
  • Display Stands
  • Radio
  • Advertising
  • Exhibitions

For further information, or a peak at Dulay Seymour's portfolio, please visit

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